Overview of YouTube Videos Ranking

YouTube is a competitive place where only 0.33% of the total videos in the whole YouTube have more than 1 million views. About 30% of the million’s videos in YouTube still can’t get past 100 views.

Beginner YouTuber Dilemma

So, you create a content, a great one. Great! However, other YouTuber who uploaded a worse video compare to you seem to gain more views compare to you. How can this happen? In a long run, this will be dispirited you and causing most early phase YouTuber to quit YouTube.

YouTube is not a sprint race, it is a marathon. The one who persevere & last the longest are the one that usually the one to thrive. T-Series & PewDiePie (just to name a few) is not an overnight success. They persevere for several years and finally it works out for them.

Early phase in YouTube is the most crucial one for beginner YouTuber, as this period is the one where learning is the one that most matter, not Views or Subscriber. This period will also define your attitude towards the long journey in YouTube. Learning period may last forever but it is totally worth it.

How to Gain YouTube Views & Strategy

If you had the braveness and ability to handle the rough and thorny path toward YouTube success, here is several strategy and tips on what you can do to improve your YouTube channel:

  1. Develop interesting Title & Descriptive - This will help attract viewer and provide the keywords for YouTube algorithm for relevancy search purpose.

  2. Maximize Tags Usage - As important as title itself, this help algorithm to understand viewer view pattern and similarity so that you video search ranking will be in higher place.

  3. Catchy Thumbnail - This will act as the Click bait for your video. Make sure it is big and attractive enough. Quick tip, the more outrageous it is the more viewer will click on it!!

  4. Use Cards - Engage the users. This could include Subscribe action, links, traffic, notes & promote contents.

  5. Create End Screen - Almost like Cards. Great way for Call to Action.

  6. Create Playlist - Let user watch your video in a playlist, this help to increase retention time and help user ease of use to navigate your channel.

  7. Find the Correct Community to Share your Channel - Target the correct niches so that the topics are relevant to what viewers are searching for.

  8. Response to Comment - Let the audience know that you appreciate their effort & time in watching your video. Just a simple LOVE will do!!

  9. Share you Content - You can create the most amazing content in the world, but if no one watch it isn’t it a waste? Find the correct community to share your video and you will gain traffic in no times!

Some of the basic strategy that you can gain traffic and subscriber

  1. Upload Daily - Try to upload video daily and twice during the weekend. The more video you have, the more chances one of the videos that you uploaded will gone viral.

  2. Set Upload Time - Video will be uploaded at 9.00am every day, that the most optimum time that work for you. Experiment with you channel and see which one work the best!!

  3. Call to Action - At the end of video, don’t forget to include Subscribe link & next video suggestion.

  4. Post & Share Content in Social Media - The most important thing in YouTube is not the process of creating the video, the advertising aspect and get people to notice your video is the most crucial one. Post your content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Quora, and many more places.


 5. But remember, don’t SPAM and blatantly promote you channel. No one like that. You need to be active and participate in the