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Navratri 2020 Event Cancellation
Dear Members of the Community,
Jay Mataji.
On behalf of the Diu Community of Southall UK Management Committee and Members, we have taken a decision to cancel this year’s Navratri Event.
Which was due to take place this year 2020. It hasn’t been an easy decision to make but we know this is the safest thing for us to do.
Our first and foremost priority is the health and safety of our members. Bearing in mind the nature of the
COVID-19 virus which has erupted with no cure and spreading rapidly, we have no choice but to follow the set government guidance and directives.
At this difficult time, the best thing for us to do is listen to the guidelines which the government have set out. The guidelines are simple and for our own health and those around us, we must listen to them. Social Distancing Measures: These measures even though they will be eased off in the coming months,public gatherings will still likely be banned until herd immunity is achieved or a vaccine is made. Having such big gatherings would be inappropriate this year.
Sign of Respect: With so many deaths in the UK, globally and within our community, it would be insensitive to hold such festivities this year.
Let us not be tempted to break the guidelines but lead by example. We have seen and heard what is happening worldwide and, in such a situation, we can only sympathise with those already suffering. Let us all pray for all those in hospital suffering due to the current pandemic situation and wish them all the very best for a speedy recovery so that they can re-join the comfort and love of their family.
Let us all pray for the amazing NHS staff and volunteers as well as all other key workers who are working day and night to help everyone overcome this pandemic.
Also, please can all those who have elderly parents, grandparents and family around them explain this information to them in detail and the severity of what is going on. We need to help everyone understand why they need to stay home and avoid people.
Let us all remain calm, stay home and pray to improve the situation and return life to normality as soon as possible.
God bless
For and on behalf of
Diu Community of Southall UK

Not Available Navratri 2020