Diu becomes first Union Territory to run 100% on Solar power energy#Malala Diu India

The town of Diu lies at the eastern end of Diu Island and is known for its fortress and old Portuguese cathedral. It is a fishing town.

The city is one of the hundred Indian cities competing in a national level competition to get the funds under Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities Mission. Diu will be competing for the one of last 10 spots against 20 cities from across India.

Diu is near Gujarat State of India.

The solar plant is located near Malala village of Diu.

Diu has emerged as the first Union Territory to harness solar power at such an extent, that it now runs 100% on solar energy. Diu is one of the favourite tourist islands in West India which is limited to a geographical area of just 42 square kilometres. Despite lack of land, Diu has managed to install enough solar plants for the needs of the island. Earlier, Diu was dependant on power grid owned by the Gujarat government. The solar power will serve the approximate population of 52,000 in the Union Territory. And it is India's first solar-powered island. From importing all its electricity needs from Gujarat, Diu today generates enough power to meet all its day-time needs. Diu is first to run on 100 per cent Solar Energy. The harnessing of solar energy has made Diu the country’s first energy surplus Union territory and a model for an effective way for people to harness this renewable energy source. In just three years, Diu has made rapid progress in solar power generation. Despite scarcity of land, solar power plants have been installed over more than 50 acres. The plan was to build a 3mw power plant but as the project started the plan was then changed to build a 9 MW power plant. An addition 1.27 MW are generated from solar panels on top of 79 office building in Diu. 9 MW are generated from the solar power plant and 1.27 MW generated from the solar panels on top of office building. In total generating 10.27 MW of electricity.

In the future, Diu plans to build a wind farm capable of generating 7 MW.

Currently Diu has electricity to run for the day but that will change when the wind power plant will be built meaning that Diu can run independently day and night.

Three years ago, the people of Diu consumed electricity supplied from the power grid owned by the Gujarat government, resulting in huge line losses. Once the local power company started generating electricity from solar energy, the electricity loss was significantly reduced.

Fictional picture for Future.

Diu becomes India's first solar-powered island. It is not the sea. It is layer upon layer of solar panels glinting in the sunlight. This is Diu’s 9 MW solar park, spread over 50 acres. With this Diu has certainly set an example for the rest of the country. The beaches are clean and quiet. The solar park, built in two phases since 2016 and at a cost of Rs 62.48 crore, is helping the district of Diu, part of the Daman & Diu Union territory, get on the green map of the country. From importing all the Electricity, it needed from Gujarat, Diu now generates.

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