you must register your data in the Online system by selecting the "Online Registration" option. Select "Consulate-General of Portugal in London. Enter your personal information and select the option "Submit Pre-Registration". You should receive this message if your information is correct.


Common questions 1 - The system does not recognize my identification number. How can I do the scheduling? If your identification number starts with '0', try entering the number without setting 0. If the persists, it is suggested that the identification number of a family member be used to carry out his or her who reports the situation to this Consular Post by e-mail. 2 - My documentation is expired, the vacancies I encounter are too late. As I get a seat early Due to the huge influx of users and the size of the Portuguese community in the United Kingdom, usually available months in advance. It is advisable to consult the calendar daily to try to obtain a vacancy caused by the cancellation of another user.

3 - I can not find a vacancy available in the whole calendar, how can I make the appointment? The vacancies are made available weekly. If a vacancy is not available, indicated in blue, all vacancies that were made available during the current week were reserved by other users. You should consult the calendar the following week to secure a vacancy or daily to try to obtain a vacancy arising by the cancellation of another user. 4 - I need to perform more than one consular act on the same day. Just an appointment? To schedule more than one consular act of a different category, repeat the procedure for each act. Each marking is valid for a consular act and for one user only. The same identification number does not allow schedule more than one vacancy for the same consular act.

5 - I will not be able to appear on the date I schedule my trip to the consulate, how can I cancel? To cancel the scheduling of a consular act, on the homepage must be chosen the option "Cancel Scheduling "and enter the cancellation code received in the confirmation email of the respective scheduling. If you can not attend the date you have chosen, the Consulate General of Portugal in London and the the Portuguese community in general, thank you for your cooperation in canceling your appointment. 6 - How can I change the date of my appointment? To reschedule an act - for which you already have a valid schedule - for a date later, the system asks if you want to cancel the previous schedule. If you say yes, scheduling previously canceled, without the need to enter a cancellation code, in favor of the new date. You will receive a new email with the updated scheduling data. 7 - I can not use the online scheduling system / reach the calendar. As I proceed? It is suggested to use another computer and a different web browser. Please be advised that the website does not guarantee compatibility with tablets / smartphones. If you continue to have difficulties you should contact this consular post when you are near your computer so that the employee can provide you with step-by-step assistance.

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